200% Returns and the NVIDIA craze

Feb 26, 2024

So a few years ago, i started my first minimum wage job and I opened an account with an online broker where I wanted to put aside a small amount of money and invest them in stocks using the dollar cost averaging method as I had no better use of said money. 

With little to no research, i thought that I should use the opportunity that the metaverse hype presented at the time and that I would buy companies related to the manufacturing of graphic cards and crypto, although I don’t personally believe that much in it.

By dollar cost averaging it, I managed to invest a really small sum into such companies. At the beginning I opened the account regularly to see what was happening with my “investments” and saw that most of them were loosing money, but I still left them there and forgot about the account as I was working minimum wage and at some point I needed more money for my monthly expenses.

A year goes by and these days all I hear is about the NVIDIA craze and remembered that I have a small investment into that stock and I decided to check my portfolio to see what has happened in the year that I haven’t seen it.

Well, to my surprise, my logic was kind of successful and all the investments that I had made are now on huge profit, making my portfolio return 44% over the last two years.

Is it a good result? Yes

Am I now an experienced investor that should sell courses? No! 

All of this is just long term gambling that turned out to be successful. At the time of buying these stocks I did no research and did it purely out of emotion and some twisted logic. 

If I have to bet on anything though, it is that many people will now use the success of NVDIA stock to promote their courses and their “knowledge” (insert Tai Lopez)

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