The return of Crypto Gurus

Mar 5, 2024

It is that time of the year again…

With the way that the crypto market got forgotten a bit during the last year as prices were steadily going down for Bitcoin and Etherium, the Crypto gurus and day traders suddenly disappeared in the night. Not for long though…

Just as we thought that the internet is now a safe place again, the AI boom and the incredible results for NVDIA stock, managed to bring up the whole market to new heights. AMD rose from it’s not moving stock price. Together with these news, Bitcoin and Etherium also rose from the dead also giving life to the new batch of crypto pyramids and 17 year old “Businessmen” or “Crypto millionaires”.

Let’s hope this time around, the consequences for unexperienced investors won’t so severe and not as many people will lose their money.

And here is just a picture for accounting enthusiasts.

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